This is the list of confirmed upcoming general and industry-specific events. I’d be happy to see you there! If you’d like to set up a meeting with me or other Kaspersky Lab experts, or to be sent an event invitation, please contact me.

ESEC2013 (Security Expo Japan), Tokyo 9 or 10 May, 2013

ESEC is the best place to exhibit everything required for embedded systems from software, hardware and components to systems integration and development platforms. A significant number of system/hardware/software designers, developers and engineers come to look to introduce new solutions for their businesses.


AusCERT, Brisbane / 20-24 May, 2013

AusCERT is hosting AusCERT2013, the 12th annual AusCERT Information Security Conference from 20th-24th May 2013 at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Australia.

The theme for AusCERT2013 is “This time, it’s personal”, reflecting the growth in attacks and unauthorised disclosures of online personal information. Motivated by illicit financial gain, cyber criminals obtain unauthorised access to personal information, but more and more, we are seeing data disclosures being posted publicly by attackers for political motives, rather than financial gain.

Hence the theme will resonate within the information security community and remind us that the online environment provides opportunities galore to capture personal information; of the impact these breaches can have on the lives of individuals; and the importance of information security to prevent these attacks. AusCERT2013 will explore these issues and bring experts from Australia and around the world to provide insight and solutions to deal with these challenges.


24 Hours Conference 2013, Munich / 10-11 June, 2013

CyberSecurity for the Next Generation, London / 24-26 June, 2013

The annual student conference on cybersecurity issues provide a collaborative environment in which students, experts, scientists and researchers can get together to present and share their knowledge and ideas, inspiring them to push the limits of IT security technology still further. The event gives them the opportunity to present and discuss the most burning issues relating to global cybercrime.

Anyone from the world of higher education, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, is welcome to participate in the conference. Participants will showcase their projects in front of key academic and industry experts and open themselves to potential new and attractive career opportunities in IT security.

YES Forum  YES Forum, Yalta / 19-22 September, 2013

Founded in 2002, the Youth and European Social Work Forum (or Y.E.S. Forum) is a growing network of organisations across several EU and non EU countries. They are bound together by a commitment to fostering social inclusion and active participation of children and young people who experience disadvantage and exclusion.

The Y.E.S. Forum considers young people a positive driving force in the process of shaping Europe and its societies. Participation of young people with fewer opportunities and their direct involvement in network activities has been a key priority in the Y.E.S. Forum since its foundation. In the framework of this long-term perspective, the Y.E.S. Forum supports sustainable strategies that enable participation and empower young people to decide about their lives and become active citizens in Europe.


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